Marketing Communication and Small Business – Pluses and Pitfalls

Although it is universally acknowledged that communication is an essential tool for establishing and maintaining relationships in any sphere of life, small businesses are often guilty of either ignoring or making a right royal botch up of their marketing communication.

This is obviously not intentional, but rather a by-product of the stresses and strains of the daily running of a small business. A lack of time, resources and awareness all contribute to marketing communication either falling off the small business agenda altogether or being implemented in a haphazard and often damaging manner.

This is unfortunate (but can easily be corrected!) because effective marketing communication can be such a asset to a small business. Here are just a few potential benefits:

1) Building your businesses “brand” through increased awareness.

2) Attracting your “ideal” customer rather than just any customer.

3) Establishing your credentials in your field of business.

4) Increasing turnover

5) Giving your business a “voice” which customers can relate to.

If your marketing communications can achieve those 5 points then you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

The flip side of the picture is less rosy – and unfortunately more common for small businesses. Here is what can happen when your marketing communications are haphazard and unplanned.

1) Your business “brand” and business “voice” are undefined and thus of no benefit to you.

2) The customers receive mixed messages about what they can expect from your business.

3) As a direct consequence of (2), your business cannot hope to meet all of your customers expectations because these are based on erroneous assumptions.

4) The consequence of (3) is that you fail to build credibility in the market place.

5) The upshot of (4) is decreased turnover.

The harsh truth is that, in this scenario, a small business may have spent good money to create an unhappy customer! Such is the power of communication, and small businesses are doing themselves a disservice by not paying adequate attention to their marketing communication.